Ms. Evans is in private practice, providing consulting services as a vocational expert in worker's compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, discrimination, and domestic matters.

Celia P. Evans CDMS

Since 1988, Ms. Evans has specialized in vocational evaluations, including the assessment of earning capacity, preparation of job analyses and the examination of labor markets. She is a Certified Disability Management Specialist and is registered as a vocational counselor/rehabilitation practitioner in Ohio and Maryland. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has approved Ms. Evans to conduct vocational interviews in the assessment of earning capacity. She is a member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and the National Career Development Association.

She has developed several workshops on vocational assessments and earning capacity, including Earning Assessments: Use of a Vocational Expert. In 1992, she received the American Association of University Women's Education Foundation Award for Development of a Genderless Career Exploration Workshop.

In addition, Ms. Evans has lectured on forensic vocational issues at local and national seminars, including Americans with Disabilities Act: Update for Local Government on Title I and Title II and The Vocational Expert Under Act 57. She is also a Pennsylvania Bar Institute Faculty Member, providing instruction for Litigating the Upper Extremity Injury Case: Dos and Don'ts presented in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June of 2006.